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Jacobo Casas, Commercial Director, Grupo Acideka Jacobo Casas recently joined Grupo Acideka to lead the commercial area and empower the team to achieve more ambitious goals. With his experience and commercial background, Grupo Acideka continues to consolidate as a high-performance company, becoming increasingly competitive and offering the best quality in services and products. How do […]

How to fight drought and save water in your company?

In the last 6 years, the world’s water usage has multiplied by 100. This is due to population increase, economic development and patterns of consumption.
That’s why here at Acideka Group we are suggest 7 basic tips we can all do to save water.

7 tips to Fight Against Drought

Sequia agua quimico

Empecemos por el principio, entender de cómo se potabiliza el agua.
Una vez utilizada el agua, se elimina por los desagües. En este punto se ha convertido en agua residual y la red de saneamiento las conduce a las EDAR (Estaciones Depuradoras de Aguas Residuales).