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In the last 6 years, the world’s water usage has multiplied by 100. This is due to population increase, economic development and patterns of consumption. It may lead to a decrease in quality of life in places where access to water is already a problem, and even start to make it a problem in some regions where it hasn’t been so far.

7 Tips to Fight Against Drought

That’s why here at Acideka Group we are suggest 7 basic tips we can all do to save water.

  1. Turn off the taps whenever you aren’t using them. Defrost food in the fridge or at room temperature, rather than under a running tap.
  2. Take showers instead of baths. By spending an average of 10 minutes in the shower and turning the water off while we soap ourselves, we can use 50% less water. A 5 minute shower saves 3,500 litres per month.
  3. Collect the water that comes out of the tap. For example, while you are waiting for it to get hot. Reuse it to water plants, mop the floor etc.
  4. Use flow restrictors for the shower to save water. This will also save money on your bill, as we often have far more pressure than we need which means we waste a lot more water every time we turn on the tap.
  5. Put 2 full water bottles in the cistern. You will save between 2 and 4 litres every time you flush, and don’t use the toilet as a bin.
  6. Use appliances efficiently: run the washing machine, dishwasher and similar appliances when they are completely full. Starting the washing machine when it is full can save you 2,500 – 2,800 litres every month.
  7. Fix any water leaks immediately: a dripping tap can waste up to 40 litres of water a day.

In all of the Acideka Group companies, as well as in each of our plants and offices, we are very conscious of this resource, as you would expect when our job involves treating it. We try to apply the same philosophy that we follow when it comes to looking after the environment and reducing the amount of waste generated: the 3 Rs rule (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), in this case applied to water.