Acideka Group is a guarantee for the future

Sustainable growth

We are part of the Responsible Care programme. A voluntary initiative of the worldwide chemical industry, to advance the safety, health and environmental protection in all operations in the sector, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

Here at Acideka, we implement innovation in our relationships with our customers and suppliers, and in care for the environment, risk prevention, collaborations with the authorities, high profitability, and the optimal development of our employees. At Acideka, innovation is in our DNA.

We invest in R&D, as the driver of continuous improvement, in the equipment of our facilities, new technologies and their application to commercial and industrial strategies. 

Environmental impact

Here at Acideka, we are pioneers in integrating sustainability into our activities. From the company’s beginnings, Esteban Azanza, its founder, based the business on what we now refer to as the circular economy, which is still the cement that holds the company together. He thought of making the most of the waste from chemical processes and using it to make new products, thereby closing the production  circle, optimising consumption of resources and minimising the effects on the environment.

All of ACIDEKA’s production activities are carried out within the framework of an integrated management system. As a part of this, our two production centres have environmental certification in line with the directives of the ISO international standards.


Here at Acideka Group, we ensure that all the activities we carry out are safe and respect the health of all workers.

Our action protocols minimise the likelihood of incidents.


Development of positive workplaces.


Safe industrial processes.


International quality certificates for our processes and products.


Personalised care after the implementation of services.


Design of products adapted to the customer’s specific circumstances.

Welcome Jacobo Casas

Jacobo Casas, Commercial Director, Grupo Acideka Jacobo Casas recently joined Grupo Acideka to lead the commercial area and empower the team to achieve more ambitious

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