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Logistics and
24h technical service

We maintain your quality relationship with the product



Storage of bulk solids and packaged products

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  • Storage of bulk liquids and solids, handling and repackaging areas, exit areas, pontoons, tanker loading.
  • Storage of acids, bases, oxidants, flammables, etc.
  • Storage tanks with capacity for over 1 million litres in the Port of Bilbao.
  • Tanks and reservoirs of various capacities and materials for bulk liquids in the Lantarón Plant.
  • Loading and unloading capacity for any type of product onto ships of any tonnage.
  • Handling national and international requests.


Committed and specialised sales network available at all times

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  • Assistance to a Portfolio of over 3,000 customers in different sectors.
    Agents able to travel.
  • Transparency of operations.
    Direct and personalised service.
  • Answer to any questions or incidents concerning our own products and distribution-only products.
  • Solutions adapted to you needs.
  • Extensive equipment for transporting products nationally and internationally.
  • At the forefront of the market in new industrial processes.
  • Capacity for process innovation.
  • Personalised implementation in each Plant.
  • Studies and trials planned in pilot plant to improve the follow-on technical service