Innovando con la química

At Grupo Acideka, we are a foundation that is passionate about chemistry and committed to sustainable development. Our mission is to use chemical science to find innovative solutions that benefit both industry and the environment.

Innovating with Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

Our Speciality: Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water treatment is one of our main focuses. We develop advanced coagulants and technologies that ensure the purification of water for human consumption. One of our most notable achievements is the preparation of basic aluminium sulphate, an efficient coagulant that improves coagulation, turbidity reduction and reaction speed in cold water.


The Chemistry Behind Basic Aluminium Sulphate

Basic aluminium sulphate is obtained from the reaction of sulphuric acid with aluminium hydroxide. The effectiveness of this coagulant depends on the hydrolysis of the aluminium cation when it is added to the water to be treated. As hydrolysis reactions occur, polymeric species are formed which are essential for the coagulation process.


The chemical reactions involved can be represented by equations, such as:


Al3+ + H2O ⇌ [Al(OH)6]3+

[Al(OH)6]3+ + H2O ⇌ [Al(OH)5OH]3+ + H3O+

[Al(OH)5OH]3+ + H3O+ ⇌ [Al2(OH)2]4+ + H3O+

[Al(OH)5OH]3+ + H2O ⇌ [Al3(OH)4]5+ + H3O+


These polymeric species are responsible for the destabilisation of the colloids present in the water, which results in the formation of larger particles, which subsequently clump together to form flocs that are decanted and filtered to obtain high quality drinking water.


Contributing to Sustainability

At Grupo Acideka, we are committed to sustainability. Our focus on process optimisation and the development of more efficient coagulants has enabled us to reduce chemical consumption and minimise waste generation in various industries.


Chemistry is a powerful tool for addressing environmental challenges and improving people’s quality of life. We will continue to work hard to research and develop innovative chemical solutions to build a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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