At Grupo Acideka, we are proud of our innovative projects that demonstrate how chemistry can make a difference to sustainability and quality of life. Below, we share some of our most outstanding projects: 

Chemical Innovation in Action: Outstanding Grupo Acideka Projects

Drinking Water Treatment: Improving Water Quality 

Our focus on drinking water treatment has led to the development of highly efficient coagulants, such as basic aluminium sulphate.This coagulant improves coagulation and flocculation in the water treatment process, resulting in a significant reduction of turbidity and residual aluminium levels in drinking water. 

The coagulation-flocculation process is essential for water purification, and our coagulants have proven to be an effective and economical solution to ensure access to safe drinking water for communities around the world. 

Optimisation of Industrial Processes: Reduction of Environmental Impact 

In the industrial field, we have worked on optimising processes to reduce waste generation and minimise environmental impact. By using more efficient coagulants and advanced wastewater clarification technologies, we have been able to improve efficiency in various industries. 

Our chemistry has contributed to reducing the amount of chemicals needed for wastewater treatment and has improved effluent quality, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the industry on receiving water bodies. 

Sustainable Materials Research: Towards a Greener Future 

Another of our projects focuses on research into sustainable materials. We are developing advanced materials that are more environmentally friendly and have applications in various industries, such as construction and energy. 

These eco-friendly materials offer improved properties and reduced environmental impact during their life cycle, contributing to the transition towards a more circular and sustainable economy.

At Grupo Acideka, we are committed to innovation in chemistry and its application for a more sustainable future. We will continue to explore new solutions and projects that demonstrate the potential of chemistry to improve our world. 

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