Réussites et conclusions : l’impact de la chimie durable de Grupo Acideka

The results of our sustainable chemical projects and developments have had a significant impact on water quality, industrial efficiency and overall sustainability. Below, we summarise some of Grupo Acideka’s key achievements and findings: 

Successful Results and Conclusions: Grupo Acideka's Sustainable Chemistry Impact

Improved Drinking Water Treatment 

Our innovative coagulant, basic aluminium sulphate, has proven to be highly efficient in the coagulation and flocculation of drinking water. We have observed a noticeable reduction in water turbidity and a significant decrease in residual aluminium levels, therefore ensuring water quality for human consumption. 

Optimisation of Industrial Processes 

The implementation of more efficient coagulants and advanced wastewater treatment technologies has enabled various industries to reduce their environmental footprint. We have managed to reduce waste generation and improve effluent quality, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible industrial operation. 

Sustainable Materials Research 

Our research into sustainable materials has resulted in the creation of more environmentally friendly products. These materials offer improved performance and have applications in a variety of industries, from construction to energy, thus driving a more circular and sustainable economy

Commitment to Sustainability 

At Grupo Acideka, our passion for chemistry and innovation drives us to continue working on projects that make a difference. We are committed to sustainability and constantly seek solutions that contribute to the responsible and equitable development of our society. 

In conclusion, sustainable chemistry is a powerful tool to address environmental challenges and improve people’s quality of life. At Grupo Acideka, we will continue to explore new opportunities and move forward in the search for innovative chemical solutions for a more sustainable and prosperous future. Together, we can build a better world through chemistry and collaboration. Join us on this exciting journey towards a greener and brighter future! 

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