The Acideka Group, renowned for its excellence in chemical solutions for multiple sectors, is committed to sustainability. In collaboration with NetOn Power, the company is moving towards a greener future with a photovoltaic plant in Lantarón (Álava).

Initiated in 2022 with a capacity of 2.06 MWp and subsequently expanded to 3.78 MWp in 2023, this installation reflects the Acideka Group’s commitment to the Spanish government’s Self-consumption Roadmap. This initiative is a major step towards the national target of 14,000 MW of installed self-consumption capacity by 2030, driving the country’s energy transition.

This solar plant will generate enough energy to supply 1,900 homes, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 1,112 tonnes per year. In addition, the group has presented an innovative thermal storage project using molten salt technology, aiming at the complete decarbonisation of its Lantarón plant. This project will also enable the production of green hydrogen, further contributing to the reduction of emissions.

Acideka Group moves towards sustainability with a self-consumption photovoltaic plant and decarbonisation projects.

Acideka Group: Leadership and Environmental Commitment


With more than five decades of experience, the Acideka Group stands out for its commitment to sustainability. By reusing and making use of chemicals in the manufacture of new products, the company demonstrates its constant care for the environment.

With offices and production plants in Spain, France and Portugal, the group maintains a strong market presence. Its focus on innovation, design and distribution of chemical products reflects its commitment to sustainability and general well-being.

This commitment to environmental sustainability and leadership in innovative chemical solutions positions the Acideka Group as a key reference in the search for a more sustainable world.

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